work in progress

I tend to work in bursts of productivity. I’m trying to be more consistent, but given this is my hobby, although I pursue it seriously, I don’t always have all the time I would love to have.

But once I get working, I enjoy posting rapidly progression of a specific piece’s work in progress (wip). I tag them with #unigonpics to separate it from other stuff I post, although at this point my entire Instagram account is dedicated to unigon pics so the hastagging may be overkill.

Once I post a finished piece I will follow up with a complete post under digital art. This is where I take a bit more time to add color (bad pun) to each step along with any useful introspection and critique of the piece. And you never know, I may drop a time-lapse video, too.

So while you can always wait to read posts here, if you prefer your Unigon fresh, then Instagram is right for you.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram, else enjoy my posts here below.  


Great Dan’gons inch forward. Still just playing with values. #unigonpics #dragons #conceptart #digitalart #greatdane ...

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Watching some @critical_role and thought Sora and Kumo, our Great Danes, ought to be Great Dan’gons. #conceptart #digitalart #criticalrole #dragons #unigonpics ...

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I appreciate I’m late to the game with @faceappofficial_ but I thought it interesting how it was able to take artwork and age it in a manner that stayed true to the original rendering from a stylistic perspective. #unigonpics #digitalart #selfportrait #portrait #faceapp ...

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“Dragon Warden” I’m not sure I can do much more. I’ve tried to correct a number of issues including composition, values, and color to help make the foreground stand out from the background. I am pretty happy with the background and the dragon, but now I’m struggling with the foreground. Time to put this down (again) for a few days to let thins simmer down a bit. #unigonpics #digitalart #dragons #fantasyart #selfportrait ...

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