Whidbey Island

A few days ago a good friend of mine, Casey Muldoon, asked me to tag along for a trip up to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island to capture some photographs. For anyone who knows me, I am always game for a road-trip especially when it includes an opportunity to do two of my favorite things: walk and photograph. While the weather report indicated Sunday was to be sunny, there is no such thing as putting the words “Seattle”, “weather” and “cooperating” in the same semantic structure unless one is trying to be ironic. Nevertheless, whatever rain we encountered did not extend all the way to the park itself. We started by walking along the bluff trail south to the gun embankment. There are some spectacular views of the Puget Sound along this path and I look forward to returning when there is better visibility to capture even more photographs. In particular, the shape and distortion of the trees along the bluff are quite striking; they struggle to grow outward against the prevailing wind that bends them up and backwards inland. By around lunchtime we decided we need a bit of food to replenish ourselves and followed Mister Garmin’s advise 3.2 miles due east to Coupeville.   Upon arrival into town we immediately concluded we had discovered a gem of a town.  So it was with some understated excitement when I write we were ecstatic to discover they were celebrating the 25th Annual Penn Cove Mussel Festival. For a George Washington each we were able to sample five different mussel chowders stationed throughout the town.  The ticket include free shuttle out to Captain Whidbey Inn to sample even more chowder and where we incidentally found a wonderful locale for more photographs. We ended our day at Toby’s Tavern which is, in all reality, a respectable pub disguised as a biker dive-bar. For two more George Washingtons we enjoyed two pounds of steamed mussels and toasted bread; I can honestly say I was musseled-out of my appetite. (I suspect that pun is much funnier in my head than it is to you, dear reader.)

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  1. Whidbey Island rocks! Love that place – can’t wait to go back and explore more. One thing you left out, Ward: Our new friend Randy the Elephant! From the ferry to Coupeville take the main highway and on the left you’ll see Randy! He’s a little shy at first and he doesn’t move around much, so don’t take offense if he doesn’t come over to you. Tell him I said hi!


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