Welcome 2011 to Seattle

Today I took the Edmonds to Kingston ferry and back to celebrate the New Year.  It has been rather cold these past few days albeit this has been offset by a rather lovely tendency for the air to be quite crisp. I started off at Red Twig, a favorite cafe of mine located in downtown Edmonds.  I then walked down to the water before boarding, looking north toward Mount Baker.  I love riding the ferry across the water even if the trip is less than 30 minutes. There are the mountains! And the mountains! And the mountains! And then there are the mountains. All four cardinal directions are filled with sky and water and mountains. It is the best $7 you can spend; better than any matinee show in town.  And then Kingston itself is a lovely little town on the other side with seemingly more cafes per capita than Seattle — an impressive feat all things considering.  I tried to time the ride back to coincide with the 4:30pm sunset; while not a perfect synch up there was a marvelous display over the Olympic Mountains that stretch north-south over the Olympic peninsula.

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