Unigon Priestess

Unigon Priestess (final), via Instragram

I started this piece in Paper.app on my iPad. I was more curious whether I could use the app for quick sketching or not, and of course, you can. Unfortunately, I did not find its export features usable – for whatever reason my app just kept stalling – so I ended up taking a screenshot of the image in order to export. Once exported, I just imported into Procreate.app like any other image I might have drawn.

I did not really start out with any idea of what I wanted to do. Again, since I’m not producing artwork at the moment for purposes of telling any stories, much of my effort is focussed on learning the craft around color theory in general, and rendering in Procreate more specifically. Nevertheless, as I started to flesh out this piece in greater detail, I started to find more and more issues that I had no good remedy for.  One is the hair.  Two is the composition.  Three is that lack of background.  Four … well, the list goes on and on.  And to be honest, I did not solve any of these glaring issues to my satisfaction.  At some point before I experimented with adding some texture and background, I was ready to just start all over. And I may very well still do with this, but for now I instead got the piece to a place where I feel I’ve done enough damage to the composition and rendering to call it quits.

So there you go; another piece of work that I’m not satisfied with.  But regardless, I feel I learned a fair amount in the process, and I’m excited to start my next practice piece.

Rough sketch (Paper.app)
Unigon Priestess (final, full)

And as always, here is a time-lapse video of the work from start to finish in Procreate.app. Sorry, I’m no Mike Henry so there is no added audio of me explaining the work as it progresses. If you want that, come to my place, bring a glass of wine or whiskey, and I’ll happily oblige your request in-person. 🙂

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