Dragons, Dragons and more Dragons!

Awhile back, seemingly almost two years ago, I happened to be sitting at one of my favorite wineries with my iPad in-hand.  As I oft due, especially in crowded spaces, I was engrossed in sketching while trying to ignore the cacophony that is, to my ears, humans in a crowded space.

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Unigon Priestess

Unigon Priestess (final), via Instragram

I started this piece in Paper.app on my iPad. I was more curious whether I could use the app for quick sketching or not, and of course, you can. Unfortunately, I did not find its export features usable – for whatever reason my app just kept stalling – so I ended up taking a screenshot of the image in order to export. Once exported, I just imported into Procreate.app like any other image I might have drawn.

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Roughing It

Whenever Marit and I are at DisneyLand, no trip is complete without a visit or a few to the Art Academy within the California Adventure Park. For those who are not in the know, these are approximately 15-minutes courses, taught by young animators at the Studio, on how to draw a favorite Disney character. Normally when we do this, we use the provided paper and pencil, but I thought it would be fun to try on my iPad Pro with Procreate.app, largely to make it easier to transport home, but also so I could share here. Enjoy!

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