Sunset at Discovery Park

This evening, after a day of rain and clouds, found me inside reading a book. It was with some shock, which quickly settled into delight, that I realized the sun, that marvelous wonderful heat of summer glow, was out.  While it was nearing 7pm, in one of those “of course it is” moments, I remembered we are approaching the summer solstice and thus the sun sets quite late in these parts.  Which is to say, I grabbed my camera, jumped in my car and headed out to see what I might discover.  At first I was going to visit Greenlake, but the cumulus candy in the sky told me that I might fair better if I headed even further west.  So I found myself at Discovery Park this evening for a few hours.

Sun setting over Olympic mountains
Moments folded between blades of grass
View from Discovery Park

Author: Ward

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