Skull Study, I

I grew up with a particular aversion to skulls, and in particular skeletons.  I suspect it stems from a rather strong dislike, as a child, of Iron Maiden’s and other heavy rock bands’ reliance on ghoulish imagery.  Not to say I do not enjoy the music, I just found the imagery rather unsettling as a kid.  Night-glow, velvet posters being at the top of my dislikes.

Side note, at the tender age of 10, I vomited when I first watched Risky Business due to the fact that it was basically about prostitution.  Yes; I was that kid growing up.

Fast-forward some one score and ten years, and here I’m doing studies of things such as skulls.  Albeit, not prostitution.  This recent interest, in skulls mind you, partly stems from discovering some highly emotive paintings of skulls; and I suddenly realized how beautiful they can be.  But it also a remedy to the fact that to date I’ve mostly ignored any serious study of human anatomy, sans whatever I did in my teen years and which was largely influenced by the works of Boris Vallejo.  To wit, I frankly need to have a much better foundational understanding of anatomy and musculature if I’m going to be serious about creature and character concept art.

Author: Ward

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