Sexy Models

Well, maybe sexy is too strong a word for most people. But if you are like me, then data modeling is sexy. And if that is the case then Kotoba can be particularly sexy.

One of the main objectives at this point in Kotoba’s development is ensuring the entity-relationships are modeled correctly. While no easy task, it is something that has been growing organically through trial and error and a fair bit of research into other projects.

Remember, while Kotoba is currently geared toward Japanese one of the goals is to ensure, as best as possible, something that can be more universal. That said, ironically, the most challenging task thus far is to sufficiently normalize characters rather than for words due to the numerous normalized, language-based character attributes that one might wish to track.

Overview of Kotoba's entity-relationships circa March 2009
Overview of Kotoba's entity-relationships circa March 2009. Click to enlarge.

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