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Today I woke up with a desire to see Seattle on foot much in the way I might see any city on my travels.  Naturally, when in U(niversity) District it is best to start your search for me at Cafe Solstice.  And that is exactly where you would have found me as I started my morning.  From there I headed down to downtown Seattle via East Lake.  While the sun was not out for much of the day, still I found bits of it was I passed through Westlake Center to Pike Place Market.  After grabbing a bit of fresh fruit to revive myself, I swung back north to Seattle Center.  I thoroughly enjoyed a lazy hour there watching the kids and kids at heart run around the water fountain.  From there I hoofed it up the hill to Queen Anne, relaxing with a short Medici at Ladro Cafe.  If you not been to Ladro Cafe then I highly, highly, highly recommend you do so now.  Why are you still reading this?  Get to Ladro now!  Okay, now that you are back aren’t you glad you listened to me?  Good.  I then ended up in Fremont at the Sunday Market which is always a treat, no less so than the fact U District Street Fair was up and running at the same time.  After Fremont I finished my 11+ mile trek back to U District to finish off my day once again amongst the stalls and throngs of people.

21 May 2011 photos.

22 May 2011 photos.

UDistrict Street Fair
Water on bridge
Ready and waiting.
"I want the camera, Mommy."
Round and round we go.

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