Road-tripping down US2

There is nothing quite like a road-trip to make everything a-oh-kay.  Saturday proved itself to be the perfect day to jump into my car and drive East toward Steven’s Pass along US2.  The snow in the mountains is just beginning to dust over the peaks while the valleys remain awash in decidious’ Fall colors and conifers’ forever green.  It is the kind of day where I roll down the window to drink in the cold air and turn up the heater to keep my toes roasting and crank up the music while I let myself cruise at just enough of a clip as to let it all flow on by.  As I got out of Sultan just past the trailhead to Lake Serene I pulled into a logging road and drove a bit into the mountain range before parking.  And as is my wont I started hiking through the undergrowth till I found an unobstructed ridge where the trees where still only a few years into recovering from logging.  While we may not approach the blanket of reds and oranges and yellows that hallmarks Fall back in New England, here in the pacific northwest it is a fair trade to have in their place the powder white of mountains under an azure sky.  And as I stood over the valley with my camera in hand and the sun overhead I can safely say this one spectacularly beautiful part of the country.

See all the pictures from my road-trip.


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