Rendering Practice

I’m a slut of line art.  Give me a pencil or a pen, and I can draw lines all day long.  But recently I’ve really wanted to improve on both my painterly and rendering skills.  Thus my exploration of color theory, et cetera.

There are two artists I’ve been studying recently to understand both technique and process.  One of these is Mike “Zatransis” Henry, whose rendered line art can be found online.  And more to boot, he has a number of YouTube tutorials showing how he goes about using on his iPad to render his drawings.  If you are interested in his style, or even if you just want to get an idea of how to work around Procreate’s limitations, then I highly recommend you checking him out.

The below is a recent pencil sketch I did during a meeting.  Before you ask; yes, I listen and think better during meetings if my eyes and hands are sketching.  Some times the subject material is related to the topic, but more often there is no obvious association, free or otherwise.

Nevertheless, I used my iPad to take a photograph of the sketch and imported it into   From there, I loosely followed Mike’s own process to create the final, rendered image.

For what it’s worth, I call the below “Demon in Repose.”

Demon In Repose, Pencil
Demon In Repose, Rendered using and Apple Pencil

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