Olympic Peninsula and Ferries

Yesterday was one of those perfect days that it is hard to fully describe either in words or pictures. The weather was so clear and sunny when I woke at half past six that I almost skipped out on my typical Saturday long-distance run. But even that proved to be a particularly excellent run, both for the company thanks to Loka, Danielle, Jeremy and the rest of the crew, but due to the vistas we caught along our thirteen miles.  Given the rarity of day like this I had decided to do some ferry riding and tour a bit of the Olympic Peninsula.  I had thought I might change my route by starting downtown; however, it was Doug at Cafe Solstice that reminded me of activity downtown prompting me to go up to my established route starting from Edmonds, WA to Kingston, WA.  It took the typical hour from the time I arrived at Edmonds to get on the ferry which gave a little bit of time to relax in the and read.  Once on the ferry it was reasonably crowded with folks, enough so that I got some great shots of kids and folks enjoying the sun.  But I think I burned the most film, as it were, on birds, especially the seagulls who flew along and above us as we made our crossing.  Once in Kingston, I drove up to Hansville and Skunk Bay for some more shots of the Cascade mountains.  I then headed south to Point Gamble where I caught Seabeck Road down to Seabeck and Holly to catch some glimpses of the Olympic mountains.  I tried to time my crossing back to Seattle from Bremerton at sunset which was around 9pm PST.  This allowed me to get some twilight shots of downtown Seattle.

Space Needle
Inquisitive cow
Waiting for the ferry

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