norwescon 41, day 1

Well, we arrived a little later than we had originally planned.  But that is okay.  We arrived in time to quickly register, and then move over to setup a table at Art in Action from 5 to 6p today.  While it was a bit quiet, we stilled had a few people stop by.  Given it was the first day of the Con, that is not too surprising.

I spent my time working on taking a quick sketch – one I did for a client awhile back that we did not move forward on – and decided I’d try my hand at rendering it.  I suspect I may take another pass at it at a later time.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed having a chance to interact with folks.  And I even had a few people who took me up on the offer of a free sticker (or two).  Yep, I have stickers!  So if you are at NorwesCon this year, do not hesitate to hit me up for one. 🙂

That said, tomorrow I will be a part of the Art Workshop where I show my work to a combination of professional and amateur artists to get some further feedback.  It’s always just nice to meet other like-hearted folks to share in our intersection of passions of art and all stuff fantastical.

And I will be out again on Saturday from 4 to 6p again at Art in Action.  If you missed me today, do not hesitate to stop by on Saturday.

Author: Ward

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