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Kotoba FavIcon
Kotoba's new favicon.

Sometimes it is the little things that can make you smile.  Case is point is Kotoba‘s new favicon.  

I wanted something that was clean and easily recognizable in the toolbar.  While options included something abstract, I felt that a monogram might best represent the intent of the site.  While “K” might be arguably more universal, I ultimately decided that the 「言」という文字 is both identifiable to many using the site and abstract enough to act as a “logo”.

In order to create the image, I went through the process of  getting various Japanese-supporting applications installed just to create a very simple image.  This process culminated in the installation of OpenOffice.org’s OpenOffice and  Gimp.   

There is a wealth of information about installing Japanese versions of these pieces of software:

In the end, installing the latest versions of both OpenOffice and Gimp is sufficient to get out-of-the-box compatibility with Japanese display and input.  While OpenOffice supports Japanese input directly into the application, the same cannot be said for Gimp.   Nevertheless, it is relatively painless to use OpenOffice to create images with Japanese text that can then be imported directly into Gimp.  

Once we had a means of creating an image, the final step is to get it into a format that is universally used by web browsers.  I lucked out when I found the very  wonderful website, http://www.favicon.jp/, which will take any image and create a version in .ico format.  Once this file is generated, it is straight-forward to added to your site you can point to it in your HEAD tag.

And that is how we get something small but that gives us a large, warm fuzzy in our tummy.  😀

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  1. こんにちは,私はフランスの学生だった
    一に看病 二に薬

    私は非常に満足している (--〆)

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