Kailynn is a half-elf who comes from an affluent merchant family only find herself on the road after a devastating loss of both her husband and child whom she has buried both. Now without family, but through her tragedy, she has found a new purpose to find and heal those in need.

After consulting with the person for whom this was created for, we felt the above actress, while recognizable within the fantasy community, nevertheless was a good archetype for the portrait we wanted to create. She has a particular quality about her that I think represents those elven qualities of beauty, while drawing in the viewer as she look back to her past even as she is turning toward the light and her future.

I wanted to have her wearing some that was both elegant, given her background coming from a merchant family, but also something practical and somber given where she is coming from great loss.

I opted for a more muted color scheme for Kailynn, but tried to bring in highlights brought in from the rim lighting as a nod toward the hope is looking for on the road.

Author: Ward

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