I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of concepts and words. Some word-pairs are natural dichotomies whereby there is not much more to understanding them than through simple declination of denotations.  However, other pairs preclude this straight-forward identification through diametrically opposed definitions; instead they exist as opposites while simultaneously throwing off their scent in their seeming very congruence of denotation, or at least intersection or overlap thereof that a person can go a lifetime amidst these doppelgangers without nary a caution of their true nature.  Adding to this complication is the simple fact that we live in a reality originating both from without and within ourselves; whereby scientific fact must yield itself, even allow itself to be fractured and supplanted, by our truths of the intended versus the perceived.

I have written post-facto on two of these even while this entry remained in draft form.  The below is a quick enumeration of some of these such words.

Author: Ward

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