Gifted Indeed

Gift Indeed
Copyright, Gary Larson

There are times in my life where I believe very much that Gary Larson drew me in the above cartoon–proof positive of my stoopidity [sic].  I find myself–in a self-amusing way–pushing on things meant to opened by a different means.  That is to say, some places can only reached by the person on the other side letting you in.

I am always reminded that life’s obstacles fall under a few classifications.  Brute force: you can go through the wall.  Overcome: you can go over the wall.  Undercome: you can go under the wall.  Retreat: you can go all the way to the other side by taking the longest route around (we assumed a closed space-time).  Search: you can go to the left or the right seeking an alternate entry point.   Now all of this assumes that the obstacle is worth overcoming.  And of course, we are first presuming it is an obstacle let alone an obstacle worth over-coming.  And that is maybe the crux of it all–so much of how we decide to interact with our world is predicated first on how we perceive it.

Getting back to the topic of my stupidity, it is interesting to see in myself repeating similar patterns and motifs, as it were.  Some of these patterns are ultimately a part of who I am.  It is not a matter of changing how I perceive or interact with my world, but accepting that this is just my nature; namely, that it is okay for me to push on the impossible, the infeasible, the implausible–I am not a person of practical inclinations.  But at the same time the fact that the “door” in un-openable itself implies that my perceptions of the “door” are incorrect.  There is no door but a wall–and the best means to respect something is to perceive it for what it is to itself.  So having the courage to see a door (passable) as a wall (impassable) is a deep act of respect.  And so I find it fascinating and humbly rewarding to encounter so many “doors” that I have no ability to open no matter how I might “push”; and yet, here I am yet again at another door that is in reality a wall.  And maybe, just maybe, this time I realize that it is a blessing to honor it for its true nature, accepting it as it is and without concern for what is on the ” far side” (sorry, I could not resist the pun).  And if not an act of deep learning, it minimally a good reminder that this “gifted” kid is more the idiot savant–emphasis on idiot–discovered at the door pushing when he should be pulling.

Enjoy the show!  I know I am.

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