Eyes Have It

I’m a bit of a sucker for drawing eyes.  They are always good for study, albeit inarguably my time on eyes is at the detriment of others studies that I ought to be doing such as the rest of the face and anatomy.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d share three eye studies I did over three consecutive evenings.

My goal is not to necessarily do a complete replication of the reference image; my primary focus is on overall values and the impression of an eye with highlights, spectra, et cetera.  Nevertheless, it’s always interesting how I critique my studies a day or two later.  In particular, in the first eye the pupil is not sufficiently round.  In the second eye, the pupil does not dominate the eyeball as much as it should as a percent of total surface area. And in all three of them the eyelashes really need more refinement.  But in my defense, I tend to tack these on at the very end when I’m mentally ready to move on.

These were all done in Procreate.app using an iPadPro and Apple pencil.  Since these were published via Instagram, I tend to allow myself some post-processing liberties to make them a bit more interesting, thus why what is shown in the images varies from what you will see in the video.

For whatever reason, these are in reverse order from above.

Below is a video showing the process start to finish.

Author: Ward

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