Early Morning at GL

It is truly Winter in Seattle with all that most people attribute to this area: water-weighted washed-out colors.  And as much as we might all yearn for something to let us put down our daily vitamin D capsules, there is still a deeply resonate beauty even in the simple pleasure of walking around Greenlake in these color-challenged mornings. Greenlake is a location that most locals foreshorten to GL in emails and text-messages; a foreshortening better transcoded back to Greylake during this time of year.  Which is to write that as much as I dumped the color in my photographs for black & whites, there was not really much to lose.

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Author: Ward

I’m the creator and operator of this little corner of the internets, writing on all things related to art and more specifically my experiences trying to figure this whole thing out. I guess I’m trying to figure out life, too, but mostly I just post about art here.

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