in the forest

This was inspired by a joke with a colleague.  We were talking about making estimates, and I quipped that we engineers assume everything is just a sphere of 1 meter in diameter as an estimate for just about anything.  Which is not too far from the truth.  So when we got talking to about drawing a horse – trust me, there was a natural progression from engineering estimates to drawing horses – I threw down a circle as my horse and cried “Done!”  When they remained incredulous that a circle was indeed a horse, I quickly took that circle and added a few more likes into a form that I actually through worth fleshing out a bit more.

Admittedly, I am not super happy with the end results.  But when is an artist ever happy with what they produce?  Don’t bother replying, the answer is “never.”  But as I appreciate that others have liked it, I thought it worth sharing both the process and end-results.

In The Forest (2016)

roughing it

I have been struggling to get Marit roughed in to my satisfaction. In some ways, referencing photos in analog is easier than digital if you decide to grid both the source and the illustration. Nevertheless, I think this good enough for me to move on for now.  Eventually this will be a part of a bigger piece of both she and I in the theme of Game of Thrones.

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site design first draft

I am pretty stoked to do a first draft of the new site design.  I have wanted to do something like this for the site for quite a while, but I have not had much opportunity other than quick jots on actual paper with a real-life pencil.  Till now, that is (see below for more on that).  You will note that there is a wavy line half down the drawing, denoting the separation between the header and footer of pages.  Content for the site will go in the middle and flow from top to bottom.  There are a few more variations on theme I want to try, but I am happy with this as a rough first draft.

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from japan with love

It is of no particular note that thirty years after James Bond’s “From Russia with Love” premiered in theaters that I found myself in Japan, but there is nonetheless an analog to be found between Kronsteen’s vain attempt to steal a cryptograph, and my own attempts to break the code that is Japan.

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