Artist Resources No 7: Level Up!

Level Up! is an online community created by two Polish artists to help other artists to, well, level up, their game, as it were.  They have both a website with a lot of resources ready for your use, and a YouTube station that has an ungodly amount of in-depth videos exploring every possible topic and artist you little heart may desire.

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Artist Resources No 5:

While DeviantArt is still an active, online art community, the quality of the work you will find therein varies widely.  This is not to say that DA is not without its great artists, but given its roots in attracting amateur and hobbyist artists like myself, you may find it harder to find artists’ work that will push you to improve your own craft.  That said, if what you are seeking is to be inspired (and humbled) then the best place to go is where the professionals go.  And that place is

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Artist Resources No 4: Jason Brubaker

I discovered Jason Brubaker originally through his ReMIND web comic series.  At the time, while I was a huge fan of the series, I did not come to truly appreciate his talent or recognize his influence on me until I stumbled upon his latest series, Sithrah.  There are so many things to love about Jason’s work, and equally more to learn from his career and life.

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Artist Resources No 3: Nikolai Lockertsen

Similar to my last post in this seriesNicolai (aka Nikko) Lockertsen is another digital media artist who is helping share his process for creating art on

Nikko is the first digital artist that got me hooked into  He is also the artist who, through his online courses, convinced me that I could crack the nut that is digital art.  Whereas Mike Henry’s videos are free, Nikko charges a nominal fee for his tutorials.  I think the tutorials are worth every penny, though.

What I appreciate about Nikko’s tutorials is his focus on how to think about composition and working from big to small.  It is obvious his instruction is grounded in the fine arts, and much of what you will take away is applicable to any medium, not just or even digital.