Artist Resources No 12: Proko

Proko, aka Stan Prokopenko, is now an online institutional resource for all things on learning to draw the fundamentals of anatomy. He studied and taught at Watts Atelier, a notable artist workshop located in Southern California established by the venerable Jeff Watts. It is here where he established himself as a portrait and caricature artist. Over the years, he produced a number of videos which can be found on YouTube, notably it is his very accessible videos on the Loomis method which helped kick off the Proko craze. You can also access additional videos at his site,, both free and for a premium.

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Artist Resources No 11: Andrew Loomis

You may not have heard of Andrew Loomis, but you’ve nevertheless been influenced by his approach to drawing. He crops up again and again in online communities discussing the fundamentals of learning to draw, having influenced a number of folks now teaching art. To wit, the Loomis method for drawing heads has continued to influence artists to this date, long past his sharing of it in Drawing the Head & Hands.

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Artist Resources No 10: Austin Batchelor

Austin Batchelor is a working, professional artist who has create a number of online resources for the aspiring digital artist. What I appreciate about Austin’s contributions is the accessibility of his videos, whether you find his free content on YouTube, or paid courses on

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Artist Resources No 9: 2DArtist

2dartist is a magazine is dedicated to the craft of 2D illustrations, with an emphasis on sci-fi and fantasy.  Unlike Spectrum where I prefer a printed edition for my library, I love the fact that you can subscribe to this zone from your desktop or favorite tablet.  The iOS version has some weird zooming issues on my iPad Pro at start, but it’s otherwise serviceable once you get into reading an issue.

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Artist Resources No 8:

You might think that one of the first posts in this series of artist resources would be  I’m absolutely in love with this app, and it along with Apple Pencil make iPad Pro a no-brainer for someone like myself who does not have the Franklins to justify the $2k to $3k price of a Cintiq, but who absolutely wants to have a Cintiq-like experience.

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