Artist Resource no 15: Color Gamut

If you happened to grab a copy of Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painer by James Gurney then you may recall a reference to an image’s color gamut. As useful as that information is, more useful is having a tool that generates a color gamut for you to work from. And fortunately, there are a few tools out there for you!

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Artist Resource no 14: Digitally Painting Light and Color: Amateur to Master

If you recall me talking about Austin Batchelor before, then you are right!  I previously featured him here back on Artists Resource no 10.  And now I’m back with a more specific review of one his online courses found at Udemy: Digitally Painting Light and Color: Amateur to Master.

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Artist Resource No 13: Color and Light

If you haven’t already, I encourage you read my post on color theory.

If you are not familiar with James Gurney, you are likely familiar with his works as creator of Dinotopia.  James is an exceedingly accomplished artist, with a well established reputation for creating exceedingly realistic renderings even when the material is often fantastical in nature.

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Artist Resources No 12: Proko

Proko, aka Stan Prokopenko, is now an online institutional resource for all things on learning to draw the fundamentals of anatomy. He studied and taught at Watts Atelier, a notable artist workshop located in Southern California established by the venerable Jeff Watts. It is here where he established himself as a portrait and caricature artist. Over the years, he produced a number of videos which can be found on YouTube, notably it is his very accessible videos on the Loomis method which helped kick off the Proko craze. You can also access additional videos at his site,, both free and for a premium.

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