Art Fundamentals no 2: Values vs Color

This post is much more one of a pragmatic conversation on whether to “glaze colors over values” or “directly paint with colors”. Before I get further, let it be known that I don’t think you can take the strong form of this argument, in that it is perfectly fine to side on either side of the debate and be right — for yourself. That all said, it is nonetheless a perennial debate found online at various sites and critique circles, and upon reflection I found the underlying arguments worth investigating in so much as they elucidate the nature of light and color, and inform the artist of various dimensions that must be solved to successfully create realistic renders.

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Art Fundamentals No 1: Color Theory

I fully admit I have no formal training in art. I certainly appreciate that this is not some declaration of any innate talent; but, more that it is an acknowledgement that I have a great deficit in knowledge that impairs my ability to improve my skills.  Ask any artist and you are likely to get a variety of responses to “the fundamentals” albeit they tend to center around shape, form, values, anatomy, and color theory.  And its this latter one, color theory, that I want to spend a bit of time sharing what I’ve learned thus far, along with provide a bunch of resources (mostly online) that I think are worthy of further exploration.

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