Introducing Kotoba

Kotoba is very much a work-in-progress Japanese vocabulary system for students learning Japanese.  While there are a lot of other pieces of software out there for studying foreign languages, even specifically Japanese, none of them are, in my opinion, functionally complete.  

This project encompasses my own years of studying Japanese, incorporating approaches and techniques that I have found useful.  At present I am targeting myself as the sole user; however, as time progresses I hope to include community-based features.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Introducing Honeydew

Honeydew is a small web-application meant to more easily manage your own “to-do” list on-line.  There are already a number of similar projects on the web; however, Honeydew is nevertheless an independently inspired application based on my own experiences of going to the grocery store for Erica.  At the time I had a quickly scribbled list of items to purchase from that was rapidly being added to by Erica while I was shopping via a telephone conversation.  Given that we both have iPhones, it seemed only appropriate to provide a means of more easily sharing a list of to-dos using our iPhones; and thus, Honeydew was born.

Enjoy!  And do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions or comments if you decide to register and use Honeydew.