As Who Likes It?

Today was, well, one of those magical, bizarre, sad and wonderful days all wrapped in a bow and smothered in Seattle sanguine sunshine.  Oh, how to begin?  Maybe it is best to begin with where.

We begin our story on 15th Avenue NE heading south at approximately 9am.  I am stopped at the intersection of 75th Street near the now drained water reservoir.  While waiting for the light to turn green, I notice two cars turn the corner onto 15th Avenue, all the passengers laughing uproariously.  Odd.  I look to the left eastward to see the upper-half of man, he is wearing no shirt.  He moves ever so slightly and I notice that I can see his hip bone.  Odder.  He turns and starts walking to the intersection, revealing to me and everyone else watching that he is stark raving naked (and likely mad).  He is a face of calm; there is nothing more normal than a Sunday stroll in one’s finest for we Seattle-ites.  He notices me, well, how can I put this mildly, gawking.  He becomes suddenly self-conscience and decides that maybe a bit of hands over his Adam’s snake and apples may be in order.  I cannot imagine why now makes him feel the need for some modesty.  He then walks in front of my car heading west at a leisurely pace, his head blissfully enjoying the sunny Sunday morn.  So began today.

I first stopped in at Cafe Solstice to begin my adventure today; and yes, for the observant reader, this should come as no surprise.  I got a slab of a slice of poppy seed bread which, when coupled with a quad-tall Americano—now known as a “Ward” at the cafe—the best thing to a slice of heaven that I know of. Grabbing a second “Ward” to go I head over to the University of Washington. It is an amazing campus; to this day I also wish I spent even more time on it when I was a student. The blue skies, clouds and cherry blossoms were all tossed and played with by parents and kids alike. With my hiking boots laced up I walked south to Capital Hill to stop in at Volunteer Park. I had originally thought of visiting of Seattle Asian Art Museum but between the weather and the fact it is in-between exhibits I instead walked over to the Conservatory; it is the best little place to go on any day of any week of any month of any year. And maybe the best part of the day? Behold! Who is on the lawn but none other than a student actors troupe practicing As You Like It.

As you like it? As I like it.

My "Ass Spot" at Cafe Solstice, University of Washington
University of Washington
Cherry Blossoms & Brothers, University of Washington
Succulent plant (macro), Volunteer Park Conservatory

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