Artist Resources No 7: Level Up!

Level Up! is an online community created by two Polish artists to help other artists to, well, level up, their game, as it were.  They have both a website with a lot of resources ready for your use, and a YouTube station that has an ungodly amount of in-depth videos exploring every possible topic and artist you little heart may desire.

One of the things they do from time to time is over-paint.  Basically an interested (presumably aspiring) artist will send in their artwork, and this Polish duo of rockstars will basically redo the artwork in real-time for the audience.  While there is naturally some controversy with this approach; nevertheless it is highly educational to see how these two artists, who are hugely proficient with their craft, approach a piece, addressing any variety of concerns including composition, perspective, and color theory.  It really is an education, and worth watching these  1- to 2-hour long sessions from start to finish.

If that were not enough, they have even established 3 permanent Google Hangouts for use by artists to use while doing artwork.  While I have not leveraged this yet, it is an intriguing idea, especially for digital artists who are using a desktop where sharing a screen is feasible.

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