Artist Resources No 2: Mike Henry

Mike Henry, aka Zatransis, is producing some great tutorials on how to use  They are particularly insightful if you are a fan of his approach to rendering, which I am.

What I really appreciate about his videos is the amount of time he spends explaining exactly what he is doing throughout the entire process.  While you can often glean a lot just from watching a time-lapse video of another artist at work, his added overlay of information really helps to unlock a lot of the mysteries around a digital process, especially for someone like myself who is self-taught and not actively creating within a community of other artists.  (Hmmm, I should probably remedy that last bit at some point.)

If you have been watching my own Instagram account or this site, you will have seen posts of my work that are inspired by both the style and process of Mister Zatransis.  You can see a number of videos I’ve posted that try to mimic Z’s workflow.

Below is a riff on his workflow, with the biggest difference being that I did the sketch within  This primarily means I have an alpha channel to lock down while in Procreate, allowing me more liberal control over the color of my lines, and in particular, allowing me blend colors on the lines layer.

Here are two videos Mike has created that really stand out to me as invaluable resources.  Enjoy!

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