art in action @ norwescon

For those attending Norwescon 41, I will be participating in Art in Action.  I will be showing my digital art process and tools for anyone interested.  Note, I am not a professional, but an avid hobbyist; so my motivation is more purely to meet folks, and since I wanted to some time to just sit and sketch, what better way than to make myself feel exceedingly awkward by doing so in public space where anyone and everyone can come up and say hello.

  • Thursday, 4 – 6p @ Table B
  • Saturday, 4 – 6p @ Table E

Please do not hesitate to stop by and say hi!

Author: Ward

I’m the creator and operator of this little corner of the internets, writing on all things related to art and more specifically my experiences trying to figure this whole thing out. I guess I’m trying to figure out life, too, but mostly I just post about art here.

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