Welcome to my site, unigon, dedicated to everything lovely and beautiful and sublime and otherwise about unicorns, dragons, and more.

My name is Ward W. Vuillemot, and I’m arguably an amateur artist with a passion for all things fantastical. While I’ve been doing illustrations for as long as I can remember, I put down the proverbial pen and brush after leaving high school some two plus decades ago. In the past few years, I’ve started to re-explore this latent passion. You will find on this site a mix of my own work, along with posts on things I find useful as an aspiring digital artist looking to learn his craft.

norwescon 41

I’ll be attending Norwescon  from March 29 to April 1 this year (2018), held every year at the the ever lovely  Double Tree  by Hilton near SeaTac just south of Seattle, Washington.

Please stop by stalls 63 and 64 to see my artwork at the art show.   Or otherwise say stop by and say hello on Saturday from 4 to 6p in the Art in Action section where I will be working on some more digital artwork.

Interested in buying a print?  You can! Just go and visit my collection of artwork at my other site, Ward’s Pics.

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Dragon Die - I have been working with another artist on a cover for a dice box.  My contribution is to provide the top box art, which he will then use a laser etcher to add to the precision-cut wood boxes.  At present, we’ve landed on a 10″ by 2″ box (5:1 aspect ratio).   The current piece … Continue reading "Dragon Die"
norwescon 41, day 2 - Art Show Well, I got a lovely surprise this morning when I woke up – someone dropped out of the art show at Norwescon.   Well, okay, that’s not lovely news, now is it?  Bad Ward! But it did mean that as I was on the waitlist, the show coordinator reached out and asked if … Continue reading "norwescon 41, day 2"
norwescon 41, day 1 - Well, we arrived a little later than we had originally planned.  But that is okay.  We arrived in time to quickly register, and then move over to setup a table at Art in Action from 5 to 6p today.  While it was a bit quiet, we stilled had a few people stop by.  Given it … Continue reading "norwescon 41, day 1"

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